New York Vacation | Day 6 |

July 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

It was a lazy day, to say the least. Woke up around 9:00 AM. Chris, Isa, mommy and I planned to visit the outlet stores to go shopping before it got too hot outside. Unfortunately, at 10 when we were going to leave, our plans were pushed back two hours because some guy showed up to give them an estimate on how much it would take to renovate Chris’ basement, and he wouldn’t do the evaluation unless both Carlos AND Christina were in the house. Sigh! So about time we left it was 100 degrees outside. Delicious.

Christina just HAD to stop by a Starbucks to get her coffee. She’d been putting it off for hours and it was starting to make her cranky. What’s worse is that in the heat of her crankiness, I decided to go out after her and get something at Starbucks too. However, once I opened the sliding door on my right (in the car), I realized just what I had done. No one is supposed to open the mini van’s right door since it’s broken!! She was a bit flustered, but got over it. To our great fortune, the car door closed with the press of a button, and with a little outside help. We’d have been stranded there otherwise.

Before hitting the highway (since none of us ate breakfast) we decided to stop at Chili’s and have a good lunch. For the four of us, the grand total was $24.39! Christina had a coupon for a free lunch and the rest of us got the lunch meals that were as cheap as $6. No leftovers- but we were stuffed and ready to shop!

Driving to the Outlet : Chris (left) & Mommy (right)

Right after lunch, we got back into the stifling hot mini van and headed to the outlets about ten minutes away. We didn’t go into very many stores- Naturalizer, Champion, Pepperidge Farm, and two women’s bra retailers- but it seemed like we were there for a while. Mostly from me trying on things at the last moment and them going back and forth to get me different sizes when they didn’t fit. Of the two hours we spent there, I left with only one pair of black shorts. Mommy bought some undergarments, Chris got clothes for her kids, and Aunt Isa probably bought something from Coach. I don’t know since I wasn’t in there the whole time.

From there began out uneventful ride back home where I sat around playing games on their PS3. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of games for it because Carlos and the three boys like first-person shooters- and the Xbox is the sole console for that sort of thing. From the titles they had, I was able to try Call of Duty: Black Ops. That’s it. Because they had the first PS3 to come out (with PS2 backwards compatibility), the system didn’t have enough disk space to compensate the amount of game data that had to be stored onto the HDD itself (30GB capacity) in order to even PLAY the game. Since the game data for the other titles I wanted to try- Fallout 3 and Infamous- had been wiped from the system, I wasn’t able to give them a shot. I was upset, just a bit.

Luckily for my sanity, dinner was being served. Crab cakes, rotisserie chicken, yellow Spanish rice, salad, broccoli & carrots, chicken tacquitos, and yummy muscles. Mm, shellfish. The food took Chris an hour to make, and in minutes everything was gone, save for one half of a whole chicken and some pieces of lettuce. It was fabulous. She doesn’t think she’s a good cook, but the whole family will agree that she is incredible!

To settle my full stomach, I sat down on the couch to watch some episodes of Man vs. Food. Pretty entertaining stuff, but only because I didn’t feel like seeing what else was on. Dessert consisted of some sugary ass cookies. With milk. Extra Vitamin D. I can say that I might be up for a while. Whoa!

It’s getting later in the evening and mommy, Isa, John and I are going to return to the Bronx soon. John is our driver, and Isa’s boyfriend. Grumpy and arrogant, but a real funny and nice guy. Ahaha. Well, that’s about it for today. Gonna go sit somewhere until we get going. Got to make sure I have everything in my bag, you know? Love you!

New York Vacation | Day 4 & 5 |

July 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Day 4 is a blur for me since I can’t seem to remember that far back. All I know is around 10:00 AM my aunt, mom, and I left the Bronx for Pennsylvania to visit my cousins and aunt. We proceeded to spend the day until 10:20 PM at my aunt Miriam’s house. Nothing too special. I wound up watching the ending to Ice Age 2 and half of Vampires Suck while my mom and Miriam went to a nearby casino. Mommy won a grand total of 52 cents! Anyway, when I left later on, it was with my cousin Christina and my Aunt Isa (we call her Isa, though her first name is Elizabeth). We were to spend the next day hanging out, leaving my mom behind at Miriam’s because she didn’t want to go to the water park we had been planning to go to. Fell asleep around 1:00 PM in Chris’ house on the top bunk in one of her boys’ bedrooms.

Aunt Miriam's Dog Benny

Day 5; The day started early. By 6:56 AM I was already up, awake, and my alarm hadn’t even rung yet (set for 7). My cousins, aunt Isa and I were headed to Camel Beach Water Park early to secure a good spot under an umbrella by the swimming pool and get a great parking spot. Everything went great. Went on a bunch of rides that were tons of fun- I wish you were there Abbey! Except, you know, in a getting-wet kind of mood since you hate pools for some reason.

The one ride that I can best remember is when my aunt and I went down this pitch black water slide in a double-tube. Christina had rode on it earlier with her and kept saying to us, “OMG! THAT WAS AWESOME!” Because, you know, when it comes to water slides the heavier your cargo, the faster you go. My aunt was the heaviest of all of us, and when you combine that with another 170 pounds, it makes for a pretty sweet- although terrifying- ride down the darkest tunnel you’ve ever slid down water in. You come shooting out of the ride at a slight angle into a shallow pool below where you get off, but because of how FAST we were going, our entire tube almost went under the water completely. I would have totally been launched forward had I not been holding on to the handles in front of me so tightly!

In the Car Heading to Camel Beach

Hahaha. That was the very last thing I did before we left. Everything else was quite forgettable. The wave pool water was WAY too warm- and it made us all squeamish thinking the tons of people in there had peed in it. After we had enough of that HOT water, as we came out we saw a… period pat floating along the surface among the small waves that washed up onto the pavement. O. M. G. Gross!! Ahaha. We weren’t going back in there. Ever. We stayed at the water park for a total of 3.5 hours. It was really fun while I was excited- first hour or so- but got pretty dull after that. I was glad when we left.

Attempting to Surf on a Body Board

I thought we were going shopping right after that, but with three little boys in the car, that wasn’t a good idea. Unfortunately, our plans got cancelled because Aunt Miriam’s husband Tom (who became severely disabled after a seizure) was having problems breathing and walking. She admitted him into the hospital where he recovered (he was just under some stress). We didn’t go shopping because we were supposed to go with Miriam too! We’re just going to postpone it until tomorrow.

For the rest of Day 5, we’re just going to chill at Christina’s house (remind me to take pictures) with everyone (My Mom, Isa, Miriam, Chris and Carlos- Chris’s husband) and catch up. The three boys are punished for being bad- the two youngest acted up at the water park and the oldest had gotten bad grades in school so he’s grounded until he gets better scores. Haha. So they’re stuck in their rooms or watching movies, but they can’t play games. What a strict household. I love it! That’s how you raise a good kid- by setting standards. They’re great parents though, and the kids are good when they’re not fighting among themselves.

We’re going to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 tonight and go to the movies to watch the Part 2. I’ve read/watched people’s reactions to the last movie and how it was the end of their childhood or something. I won’t have that feeling since I never followed the Harry Potter series. I DO like to know what happens though, and that might be the only reason I watch it- I hate not having a clue about things that there are huge fanbases for.

So, let me get back to everyone so I can continue listening in on their conversation. I love you! Know I’ll be texting you constantly. I type here the things I don’t feel like texting to you. That touchscreen won’t cease to irritate me.

New York Vacation | Day 2 & 3 |

July 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

I apologize for not getting around to the update yesterday, Abbey. The evening had ended with a ton of children running around, with no real space for someone to escape the noise and be left to their own thoughts. Forumulating sentences in that kind of atmosphere doesn’t go very well for me, or for you, huh? We had a good time though. I saw my cousin Christina and her three boys (Justin, Elijah, Evan) for the first time in six months. I don’t talk to the kids much but I do love Chris! She’s really fun, and we all played a real game of scrabble together. Ahaha. Unfortunately, it cut into True Blood time and I decided I wouldn’t play until the show was over (though ALL of us watch True Blood so there was no real complaint!). We’ll have to watch the episodes you missed together next time we’re at my house since you don’t have HBO. After the show, however, they made me finish the game even though I didn’t want to play anymore. So, I put it away after half-assing my words ex. It, Seared, Faux, How, are just a few lame words I picked, losing harder than everyone else with a grand total of 88 points!

This is what we looked like before the real scrabble game:

Left to right (Cynthia, my mom, aunt Isa)

They were playing hangman with each other on their phones! Everyone in that house had an iPhone except for the children and John. Crazy, right?


All of this was in the late evening of the day. I didn’t talk about what we did when the sun was still up! Nothing really exciting happened. Mom, Aunt Isa, John (the driver) and I just went to a few stores- DSW, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory and Trader Joe’s, sitting down afterwards for lunch at Boston Market. Yeah, we have those up here, in New York.

I know I text you all the good pictures I take, but I post them here again anyway.

New halter dress. In my favorite color: AQUA BLOO

This dress was my favorite one (obviously), but there weren’t any accessories for it that we could find. Instead, we bought shiny gold things for the yellow/black dress that I bought in the same place (Burlington Coat Fac.):

Yellow dress all blinged out.

I usually stay away from yellow/orange because my skin tone is off-yellow, but… I liked it anyway and it looked fine in the dressing room.

Now, the one thing I didn’t mention that I bought were the shoes of the day. Remember those tall~ish brown boots I loved to wear, and how I told you the heel got all screwy so we had to toss them? Well, I found another pair… and I bought them. *cough* There were other adorable shoes that I would have loved to buy, but either 1) They weren’t on clearance, or 2) Fit my wide-ass foot funny and would have caused me to bleed or blister if I wore for more than 2 hours at a time. What’s a girl to do. No picture of those because you know what they look like and I don’t feel like taking them out of their box.

So, continuing on with Day 3. This morning around 10am, mom and Isa headed out to Manhattan to be a part of the ‘live studio audience’ for the Dave Letterman show which doesn’t come on till 11:30pm. They’ll air the episode either tonight or tomorrow- we’re not sure. I didn’t get to go, how mean! At least they offered for me to go with them into the city, but then I’d be stranded in Manhattan all by myself with very little money for some unknown amount of time. That didn’t seem like a very fun time to me, especially when the peak of the heat wave was going to be at 2pm that day. Ninety-something degrees. Nuh uh. I’d end up dead on the street or some shit. Althooough there IS a Chipotle’s I would have loved to go to! There aren’t any in the Bronx that I know of, but there are at least 5 in Manhattan. Whatever. We’ve got a Popeye’s right down the street in front of this high rise. If I want spicy food, I’ll just go over there.

In conclusion, Day 3 is going to be incredibly dull. Unless we go to the movie theater later or do bingo, I don’t see myself updating this post with any more information- that can wait for tomorrow.